• Household Cleaning Products


Green Team Malaysia Chemical Sdn Bhd manufactures high quality liquid detergents for wide range of household and commercial use. This is essential to private and public health as they contribute to sensible personal hygiene; cut back the presence of germs that cause infectious diseases; extend the lifetime of clothes, tableware, linens, surfaces and furnishings; and ensures your homes and workplaces are more pleasant.


Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

Green Team aims to maintain high standards of hygiene requirements of restaurants, shopping malls, home owners, occupiers of buildings and tenants today. We supply various biodegradable and green cleaning detergents for wide range of cleaning purposes. We take pride in providing quality professional cleaning and sanitizing services. We customize our products and services to cater for the individual requirement and different needs of each customer. Our mission is to create a clean, safe and sanitized environment to meet the demand for modern healthy living lifestyle that everyone deserves.


Safe To Use Products

Green Team uses high quality environment friendly non-toxic ingredient in our products instead of harsh chemicals making our products safer for humans and pets to protect your home and offices. Our products are also widely used by industry specifically for commercial cleaning. The cleaning detergents provided by our company are quality controlled.  By introducing our eco-friendly cleaning supplies, the sanitizing process is quicker and more efficient than traditional methods as we know time and health is precious.

Green Team is committed to delivering safe to use dish wash and hand soap for domestic purposes and home use too for effective disinfection. These products are very good to keep germs and bacteria out of the kitchen. Use our dish washing detergent and degreasing products to remove debris, smudges, and oil stains. Our detergents are gentle on your hand and skin when used.


Cleaning Equipment

We also provide cleaning equipment and accessories that can use our cleaning products for a more efficient and effective cleaning. We offer a wide range of commercial and industrial cleaning machines, service trolleys and general cleaning equipment such as scrubbing, mopping, sweeping equipment and signage e.g., “caution sign” too. We also provide training to customers by training their employees as to the proper handling of machines and cleaning equipment with our cleaning detergents.


Our Products:

  • Multi purposes cleaner
  • Air freshener
  • Hand soap
  • Dish wash
  • Degreaser
  • Pine disinfectant
  • Car shampoo
  • Bowl cleaner
  • Steel polish
  • Glass cleaner
  • Cement softener

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