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Golden Triangle Security Services Sdn Bhd (“GTS”) was incorporated in Malaysia under the Private Agency Act 1971 to be a leading security company in Malaysia. The management is made up of a team of ex-police and ex-army personnel who have vast security management experiences in National Level events, residential properties, commercial properties, educational institutions, hospitals and hotels.

We provide the best quality security setup plan. We have more than 500 guards from Nepal. All of whom are comprehensively trained in our training academy in Nepal before arriving in Malaysia. Upon arrival in Malaysia our guards are again trained and briefed on local security procedures before deployment at our clients’ location.

It is our commitment to deliver uncompromised competent services to our clients as we value them as strategic partners. We provide total security services with our skilled, experienced and knowledgeable workforce to meet your needs and to serve you with full respect, honesty and professionalism.

We achieve success by preserving integrity, honesty and excellence for all our customers which is the cornerstone of our business model. We associate with partners from overseas including IT consulting, suppliers and security risk companies. With the support of innovative technology, the team is able to operate systematically and provide a wide range of services to customers.


Our Security Services

Security Guarding (Commercial & Residential)executive protection

We provide physical security personnel protection catering to different clients ranging from residential to commercial sites round the clock. Our guards are well trained in commercial security services and are experienced in guarding High Risk Buildings, Factories, Warehouses, Shopping Complexes, Condominiums, Medical Centres and Construction Sites. Our security guards have undergone comprehensive training which includes fire- fighting and first aid assistance. Our Mobile Patrol Units consist of ex-police and ex-army personnel. They are available for reconnoitering premises. This unit will carry our regular checking and periodic surveillance as additional backup to static guards. All our armed guards are required to undergo practical training on handling weapons.


Event Security Management

Our security personnel are highly experienced and operationally ready to provide services at ad-hoc events. The security personnel and key management staff are involved in major events including air shows, trade shows, exhibitions and events.


Executive Protection

We provide ad-hoc high level security coverage for special events and protection services. We offer personal armed plain-clothes bodyguard service for close protection for VIPs, business executives, business and professional people. If required, a personal security plan can also be tailored to meet individual needs.


Guard Dogsdog

Our Guard Dogs Unit is professionally trained and has undergone sophisticated training. This service is recommended for Ground Prevention and Building Patrol Surveillance. Our clients include operators of Warehouses, Stores, Housing Estates, Clubs, Factories and other enclosed property areas.



Private Investigation

Our Private Investigation department consists of a team of experts and highly experienced investigators who specialize in Commercial Crime, Copyright Patent Infringement and Background Screening. Investigations must be for the overall interest of the company concerned and will be carried out confidentially.


Security EquipmentCMS

We partner with trusted and renowned service and IT providers to supply:

  • Electronic Watchman’s Clock
  • Walkie-talkie and two-way wireless system
  • Security Identification Badge and Pass
  • Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV)
  • Fire & Safety Prevention
  • Central Monitoring System (CMS)
  • i-Video Monitoring Systems (24hrs worldwide)


Trainingsecurity from nepal

In addition to our services offered above, we also provide comprehensive training to security personnel and guards, bodyguards, in-house detectives, plain clothes personnel, handling Cash-In-Transit and potential supervisors in order to maximize the safety plan. We also provide training sessions to any clients who are interested in having in-house guards. The training includes Handling of Weapons, Safety and Security Training, Fire-Safety Training conducted once a month at our Headquarters.


Central Monitory System (CMS)

CMS is utilized to supplement effective operation covering assignment on a 24 hour basis. We advise our clients especially house residents, banks, factories and warehouses to have CMS which monitors at night and inactive hours. As well as in the events of fire or robbery, whereby this enables officers on the ground to immediately take action using a field transmitter.


Cash –In-Transit (CIT)escort

This service is most needed by Banks, Finance Institution, Supermarkets and Factories when special transactions are required. The CIT armored vehicles will be escorted by well-equipped armed guards.



Consultancy & Management

We provide consultancy and management services to organizations or firms that wish to have in-house security. Our security Managers and Officers are given a free hand to train and schedule guards worksheet, carry out audit and survey, to formulate a protective plan for loss prevention, to maintain a high standard of professionalism with our Roving Manager or Mobile Patrol Unit assistance to provide a conducive security environment.


Escort Services

Our escort teams execute this service professionally, with private vehicles backed by a dedicated logistics network. The team delivers services to escort private VIP vehicles, CIT armored vehicles and we also provide special escort service for children of VIPs to schools, colleges and other venues.


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