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Clean environment is not only the prerequisite for functional working environment, but also vital for the well-being of employees and for their productivity.

Green Look Management Sdn Bhd (“Green Look”) is a home-grown cleaning company in Malaysia that offers quality housekeeping and cleaning solution for both commercial and residential properties. We provide cost effective and efficient cleaning for all. We take pride in our experienced employees for the cleaning of condominiums, landed properties, maintenance of buildings, shopping malls, kiosks, hotels, restaurants and other commercial establishments. Our cleaning services team is reliable, legal, self-motivated and carefully selected to ensure the highest level of cleaning services are performed. Our skilled and dedicated employees are part of our success as they ensure Green Look lives up to our customers’ expectations. Our cleaning services include but not limited to:

  • External & internal cleaning
  • Contract cleaning services
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Janitor services
  • Dispensers and washroom articles
  • Supply, installation, maintenance and service of washroom environment
  • Sanitation services
  • Swimming Pool & Fish Pond Cleaning
  • Road works & construction


landscapeLandscaping & Gardening Services

In addition to the wide spectrum of cleaning services, we also offer regular landscaping services at affordable price. We design affordable commercial landscaping for our customers to fit their budget. Our services include but not limited to:


  • Construction and maintenance of green areas
  • Landscaping – garden, fountain, buildings, park
  • Parking space management


Pest Control Services

Being a one stop services provider, our dedicated team continues to meet customers’ expectations by protecting their assets, homes and buildings against pests attack and damage. Our services include but not limited to:

  • Pest Control services
  • Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal, Anti Viral Services
  • Toxic Waste Removal


Sanitary and Hygiene Servicessanitary

Our team of workers will ensure our customers washrooms and toilets stays clean and stained free. We disinfect toilets and urinals and ensure bacteria eliminated. We restock the restroom paper products and other supplies such as feminine products and air fresheners.





Trained Cleaning Servicescostomised cleaning Personnel

To satisfy our customer’s needs, we provide customised cleaning services by including a combination of services which are carefully tailored to fit each customer. We hire the right and qualified employee needed to deliver high quality services to our customers and help customer have clean and fresh environment.  We have special consultants trained to provide full comprehensive cleaning services.




Cleaning Equipmentcleaning equipment

We also constantly develop new strategies and methods using our machines which help improve our cleaning services to minimize costs for our customers and to reduce any negative impact to the environment. Furthermore, we use biodegradable detergent and environmental friendly floor cleansers for internal and external cleaning. We will ensure that your premises are properly maintained by our personnel and at the same time, we also provide the opportunity for you to purchase our cleaning equipment and high quality cleaning detergents to clean your offices or factory spaces. We provide training for your employees to use our cleaning equipment and detergents.


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