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World Circle (M) Sdn Bhd (“World Circle”)

Property and Building Management With Concierge Services

World Circle believes in one stop solution for the Property and Building Management Services. Our Property and Building Management services cater to the needs and wants of our discerning customers. Our services are supported by the knowledge, operational assets and experience that only an industry leader can offer. When providing our Building and Management services, we include Personal Services to the residents of condominiums and occupiers of buildings be it office or commercial as part of our One Stop Services by assisting customers who need things to be done but do not have the time due to their busy schedule.

The concierge is ever ready to serves guests of an apartment building, hotel, hospital or office buildings or be it door to door. Whether the occasions calls for dining reservations, special events that are unique to you, escorting children to school, or just to drop off or pick up an item, World Circle can fulfil every request  and requirement. We work seamlessly to fulfil any requests including personal security, where customers do not have the time, resources, or contacts to arrange themselves.

Our concierge services are available 24/7 and 365 days a year. World Circle is making the customer’s life as hassle free as possible, and helping customer to ‘buy-back’ their most precious possession, time.


Car Park Management – Our signature service

Why Us

We are committed to our business by focusing on a value-added strategy that goes beyond customers’ expectations and creates a very high competitive advantage. In line with this objective, we will also continuously provide maximum financial returns on car park investment to our landlords and the highest levels of service quality to our parking public.

Valet Parking

Restaurants, entertainment venues, airports and office buildings recognize the value of specialized customer services. Let us provide well-trained, professional personnel and our proven operational methods to produce highly efficient valet parking services for you and your customers and patrons.



Event Parking

Every event creates its own unique logistical challenges. Whether it’s a sporting event, business convention or exposition, we understand the realities of event parking and provides the expertise to ensure that the parking operations exceed your expectations from pre-event planning through tear-down and final accounting.





Personal & Home Services

We also respond to the increasing need expressed by individuals for better work-life balance and greater personal fulfillment. Our childcare and concierge services as well as home services for dependent people improve the Quality of Daily Life of those we serve.

Concierge Services On Demand

Our company concierge services responds to every need, from running the simplest errands to satisfying complex, time-consuming requests. Whether an employee wants to organize a dinner at a special destination, have a camcorder delivered to the hotel, have a car dropped off at the garage, find a plumber or have clothes dry cleaned without leaving the office.

Our Other Services

  • Airport taxi
  • Shuttle services
  • Escort
  • Luggage security
  • Taxi booking
  • Concierge customer care services
  • Special event transport services
  • Errand service
  • Cleaning swimming pools and fish ponds
  • Landscape maintenance




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